Available Sizes
Price: $3.42/Btl

Available sizes:

  • 12 ounce bottles, case of 12 bottles
  • 1 quart bottles, case of 12 bottles

A scientifically designed and tested diesel fuel additive for on-road and off-road vehicles of all ages, including today’s high-tech engines. Add BOSS Diesel Fuel Additive to your tank to keep your engine running cleaner, better, for longer.

Benefits Include:
  • Increases horsepower and fuel economy by as much as 4.5% over untreated #2 diesel fuel.
  • Extends engine life by reducing wear on fuel injection systems and fuel pumps.
  • Delivers quicker startups and smoother operation with low-temperature operability that’s 20° F better than untreated diesel and has a shorter injection delay.
  • Keeps engines cleaner by preventing fuel filter plugging as well as deposits on nozzles and internal diesel injectors.
  • Protects against corrosion throughout the entire fuel system.
  • Ensures superior storage life with better thermal and oxidative stability and multi-staged water-control chemistry and deicer.

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